EcoRover All-Terrain Tracked Wheelchair


EcoRover is an All-Terrain Tracked Power Wheelchair, designed to allow people with physical limitations, independent mobility. EcoRover has the capability to traverse over rough or uneven outdoor terrain. EcoRover is narrow enough to fit through a standard 30in door and has indoor maneuverability due to zero-turning.  Yet, has outdoor, off path, all -terrain trackchair capabilities. EcoRover easily traverses sand, gravel, dirt, mud, snow, grass, hills up to 20 degrees, tree roots, mulch, stands in 8in. fresh water and more.

EcoRover users have legal rights to access to areas where it is legal to walk. EcoRover is ecologically friendly. No fossil fuels. With the lithium battery option, EcoRover is capable of 15miles on a single charge. The Aluminum frame and Comfort Tech Tracks not only allow for a smooth ride but are environmentally friendly due to turf friendly track design and greater weight distribution. EcoRover has less ground disruption.  EcoRover is safe, easy to use, intuitive and fun.  Point and go joystick. Let go and EcoRover stops and locks in place. Tracked mobility is key to traversing off path.  EcoRover makes the impossible possible!

EcoRover All-Terrain Tracked Wheelchair comes with many standard features

  • Power tilt
  • Reclining seat with headrest
  • Padded armrests, adjustable
  • Dual cupholders
  • Side bag
  • Onboard charger with Bluetooth
  • Dual 2hp motors
  • Dual LED lights
  • USB charging ports
  • Adjustable height footplate
  • OS handle
  • Seatbelt
  • Rear tray
  • Comfort Tech Tracks, turf friendly smooth ride
  • 29.5in. wide, 48in, long, 350lbs
  • 15miles capability with 24v-210ah Lithium Battery option

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Financing available, Zero money down, Payments as low as $165 a month

EcoRover vs. Trackchair

EcoRover is designed with the user in mind. First thought, safety.  EcoRover has the lowest seating stance in the industry.  Making EcoRover safer on side slopes vs. Trackchair NT. EcoRover utilizes R-Net programmable power module with directional joystick for ease and comfort while driving.  Let go of the joystick and EcoRover stops and locks in place. EcoRover also comes standard with OS Handle and seatbelt for the more adventurous types.

Second comfort, so important! EcoRover comes standard with power tilt and a reclining Jeep style contoured seat. In addition has an adjustable height and angle headrest making the fit just right.  EcoRover comes with padded adjustable height armrests and adjustable height footplate.  Off road wheelchairs typically have a rough ride.  EcoRover comes standard with our Comfort Tech Tracks that creates a smooth ride and are turf friendly.  No worry about tearing up your yard. Pure joy and comfort while enjoying the day. 

Third, is quality. EcoRover is Made in U.S.A.  Track chairs need to be durable. EcoRover’s custom designed aluminum frames are hand crafted in Tampa, Florida.  Joystick and controls come from Curtiss-Wright, charger from Lester Electrical, wheels from Carlson in Minnesota, Custom Tracks and motors from the East Coast. EcoRover is designed for commercial and community access.  Manufactured by GT Precision Manufacturing a Veteran Owned Business. 

Finally cost. We believe EcoRovers should be readily available to those who need it, whether through personal purchase or rental.  The only way to make this happen is to control cost to the public. The owner is a paraplegic himself who understands the need and importance of the technology.  Therefore it is his goal to create greater access to EcoRover by keeping cost down to the public. It is his belief that technology such as trackchairs, hunting wheelchairs, off road wheelchairs, tracked mobility wheelchairs, especially all terrain trackchairs should be affordable. Thus the creation of EcoRover.

EcoRover is safer, more comfortable, high quality, lower cost all terrain tracked wheelchair.  


Funding Possibilities

Workman’s Compensation

If you were injured at work and have a Workman’s Compensation account, you could qualify for an EcoRover. It requires a letter of recommendation from your doctor and  therapist. We can process the paperwork for you. Email us at:

Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

Every state has a Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. The purpose for this department is to get individuals back into a work environment.  EcoRover is a tool that can allow an individual to get back to work. Vocational Rehab could assist with purchasing EcoRover in getting you back to work. If you feel that you could use an EcoRover to get back to or into a new career path, contact your local Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Department. This is not a guaranteed process, but it is definitely a great resource for those looking to get back into work.

Insurance / Medicare

Many people ask if their insurance or Medicare/Medicaid will cover the cost of an All-Terrain chairs like EcoRover. Many insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid do not consider these wheelchairs as meant for indoor mobility. However, we have had some success with private insurance companies and definitely Workman’s Comp. It requires Physical Therapist evaluation with justification and doctor’s letter of Medical Necessity.

Our Vision

We envision EcoRovers already located, ready for use, where they are inherently needed. At our commercialized beaches, State Parks and National Monuments just like scooter type conveyances are located at every Walmart and grocery store ready for patrons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the high cost of this technology and access. We are driving consumer cost down through direct sales and creating a rental platform for community access. For more information or how to help, please email


Cordell Jeter

In 1988, during my sophomore year of college on a football scholarship, I was a passenger in the backseat of a car that rolled down the side of a mountain. I found myself under the car with a shattered spine, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. Creating my new life as a T-12 Paraplegic.

Always being the optimist, even through hospitalization and rehabilitation, I continued to work, look forward and setting new goals. Within a year of my accident, I competed in the Marine Corp Marathon and placed 4th in the Wheelchair Division. Next, I started Fairfax County’s Kids Wheelchair Sports Program, which has now blossomed into an nationally recognized force, called “Fairfax Falcons”. Now being coached, 25 years later, by three of my first kids in the program. Surreal feeling seeing them on Facebook…

In 1992, I competed in the Paralympics located in Barcelona Spain. Winning bronze and gold medals while setting a new world record in wheelchair racing. After competition, I started and successfully managed a durable medical equipment (DME) company for over 12 years acquiring a VISN-5 government contract servicing Walter Reed Hospital and the Washington D.C. Veterans Administration.

While working, friends and family gifted me an all-terrain tracked wheelchair through Go-Fund-Me efforts. I was amazed at my new ability to cruise over my backyard and right into the woods! Then realizing the freedom it meant to me was unexpected and overwhelming! Sitting in the woods, started memories of my childhood, dragging wooden pallets into the woods with hammer and 5 inch penny nails to hand build tree forts. At the same time, I had equal yet painful epiphanies of how kids with disabilities never had an opportunity to experience what I had forgotten. While sitting there I thought of the men and women I met coming back from war, blown-up, shot-up, burnt-up, missing limbs at Walter Reed Hospital.  I thought about my Uncle who sat in hospice, wanting to go to the beach one more time. I thought of all my Paralympic team mates. This all-terrain chair should be available to everyone who needs it!  It was an overwhelming feeling that people need to know about and have access to this technology.

It is now my focus to make this technology readily accessible. I am creating the next level of freedom for people with disabilities. I have designed and created an All-Terrain Battery Powered Chair, “EcoRover”,  with a unique design, using novel manufacturing techniques and assembly processes. EcoRover is intuitive, safe and allows outdoor independent mobility for people with mobility limitations. What was once thought impossible to independently traverse, sand, snow, grass, gravel, rocks, creeks is now possible! EcoRover is designed to increase access through lower cost direct sales to the consumer and rental services.